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Healthy Ways to Improve Your Mental Well-Being in 2018

Quick tips on improving mental health & well being


The year 2018 is around the corner and as is naturally expected, we are all anticipating what goodies it has to offer. No doubt we may have a certain resolution or the other that we hope to see fulfilled in the coming New Year. One of the most important thing that everyone hopes for, however, is good health to be able to enjoy a quality life. Much of the essential aspects of enjoying a quality life has to do with our mental state. Even though we may fail to acknowledge it, an improved mental health and well-being is very important and must not be taken for granted. Without an improved mental health and well-being, we would never truly be able to enjoy life as it should be.

Many things constitute what an improved mental health and well-being means, for example, feeling happy is part of mental health and well-being. The feelings of confidence, contentment, enjoyment, and engagement with the world around you are all part of mental health and well-being. Even self-esteem and self-confidence as well. Over the centuries, we have evolved as humans and adopted new ways of thinking and of doing things in different areas of our lives. Much of what we classify as enjoyment 10 years ago are barely being celebrated today – they are now regarded as outdated and irrelevant.

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This brings us to the big question, which is – how can you improve your mental health and well-being in 2018? Below are some of the latest tips that provide answers to how you can improve your mental health and well-being in the coming New Year.

1. Talk to your doctor:

Consulting with a medical professional is the first step you should take when seeking any health transformation concerns. Many physicians today offer depression screenings as a requirement and mental health consultations. They can also refer you to a clinician that is trained to address your specific needs. These ones are in a better position to offer you any form of guidance you may require regarding your mental health and well-being. You can also look up Time to Change for a list of places that you can turn to for help.

2. Connect:

One very important thing we all need as humans is the need to socialize and connect with other fellow humans. Connecting with others and building a support system is an integral part of improving your mental health and well-being. Connect with the people around you – your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. You can start by building and developing your relationship with those closest to you first before extending it to those on the outside.

3. Be Active:

Being active may be aimed at keeping your body fit and improving your metabolism but it also helps to improve your mental health and well-being. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to be active. According to a study, simply taking a 90-minute walk away from urban areas can reduce negative thoughts. Also, going cycling, or engaging in some fun sporting activity that you enjoy, like playing basketball is an activity. Your essential goal is to make being active a part of your life because it ultimately translates to an improved mental health and well-being.

4. Keep Learning:

Albert Einstein was famous for the quote, “once you stop learning, you start dying.” This is true in all aspects of the saying. It doesn't mean going to schooling and getting more degrees. Learning could also mean simple things like picking up a new skill such as learning to play the piano, fixing your car, or signing up for a cooking course. Learning would give you a sense of achievement and you will acquire a new confidence that will develop your life and mental health and well-being.

5. Practice Giving and Gratitude:

The practice of giving to others has been known to give an inner sense of satisfaction and joy – constituents of mental health and well-being. Even the smallest acts of giving such as a smile, a thank you, or kind words can make a huge difference. Larger acts of giving like volunteering at your local community center or donating to a charity can also improve your mental health and well-being.

Research also suggests that being thankful for the things that you have, no matter how little they may seem, can improve your mental health and well-being. Make it a habit to express gratitude on a daily basis. From your favorite devotional song on the radio to your pet at home. Life will be so much better when you’re thankful and always acknowledging the bright side.

6. Be Mindful:

Learn to be more aware of your environment at every point in time, including your thoughts, feelings and your body. Being present in the moment can effectively boost your mental health and well-being. This awareness is what some people refer to as “mindfulness” and it is a technique than can reduce stress. It can also positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach and deal with challenges.

Your mental health, when not properly taken care of can lead to a loss of control over your actions and may ultimately affect your general behavior as a person. A lot of young people in America today are suffering from one mental health problem or the other with over 76% of youth having severe depression. There are several disadvantages of mental health, some of them according to the Mental Health Charity Mind, include:

  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicide
  • OCD
  • Violent tendencies – as in the case of the mass shooting at a church in Texas
  • Physical health inequalities, such as coronary or respiratory illnesses and obesity.

All of these disadvantages do not only affect the person suffering from a poor mental health but others as well. Improving your mental health and well-being is, therefore, a goal we must all join hands to achieve come 2018.

By ensuring that the percentage of young and old people who are experiencing any symptoms of poor mental health and well-being is reduced, we would save them and ourselves from the disadvantages that come with it. Some of the benefits we will get to enjoy in 2018 by improving our mental health and well-being will include fewer suicides, safer communities, better physical health and many more.

Apart from all these tips, you can also try meditation, please see the below meditation video which are very helpful to beat stress & worries...

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